"If One Man Can Do It, So Can Another"
"In The Arena Of Selling, Only First Place Gets Paid"
~Chris Randolph
Any Human Being Can Do ANYTHING Well For A Short Amount Of Time.

The Key To Success Is Taking That Short Amount Of Time & Making It Longer.

Our coaches and trainers are fully qualified sales professionals. They're in the trenches every single day selling. So when we talk about selling, we know selling!

If you’re a real estate professional, business owner, mortgage professional, insurance agent, direct seller, network marketing pro, or sell or market any item, product or service for a living, then you are a potential client.

Just remember this… the days of the fast-talking salesman with the old-fashioned clichéd pitches is long over. Your prospects are better educated than ever. They will shut you down so fast it'll make your head spin.

What you need is the stuff that works today. We have that.

Take a look around and give us a call...

You deserve it.

Chris Randolph
President /CEO
Entrepreneur, Author, Sales Trainer, Sales Coach and Speaker
Finally, Learn The Art Of Professional Selling...
I'm Chris Randolph, the author of "The Sales Edge: The Difference Between The Average Salesperson and The Successful Sales Professional" (available in 14 countries around the world) and I'd like to thank you for visiting our site. Our philosophy and mission is to help the average salesperson transform their results and show you how to evolve into Sales Professionals.
You’re going to like what you see here.
In fact, one of our clients says it best:
"The information & tactics are Real World and fit most professions. The strategies will work Guaranteed!!"
Richard Hawley of ADT Security
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You're going to find that we're very good achieving our outcomes and helping our clients achieve theirs. You'll find that our brand of sales training programs offer real-world, in the trenches, first-hand knowledge and current experience. We'll provide you with sales tips, sales techniques and strategies that you can implement right away to see a measurable increase in your sales results.
If you ask the top Sales Professionals you come across, they'll tell you that selling is a learned skill. The most successful Sales Professionals learned how to sell through sales training. They've honed their selling skills to a razor-sharp edge by practicing their sales presentations, by learning and improving their skills and by never accepting a sub-standard or low-quality day in their profession.
Being excellent in the sales profession is definitely a learned skill. And because this excellence in selling has a structure, it can be duplicated by those that are willing to put in the time, effort, resources and diligence.
Sales Edge International is dedicated to the education, enhancement, empowerment and advancement of Sales Professionals throughout our sales seminars, sales trainings, sales workshops, coaching sessions, teleseminars, webinars, boot camps and retreats.
We'll teach you WHAT to say and do, HOW to say it and do it, WHO to say it and do it to, WHY you need to say it and do it that way, WHEN to say it and do it and WHERE to do it.
There's a Cycle we all go through.
We cover the whole sales process from beginning to end. You'll discover the basic and the best selling skills, selling techniques and selling secrets that only the most successful Sales Professionals posess.
Our belief is that motivation is a by-product of success. You achieve success when you know how to sell. When you know how to sell, you receive an income. When you receive that income, you get motivated!
We don't subscribe to the "rah-rah" hand-clapping, standing on chairs kind of temporary excitement and motivation. We share solid sales techniques that if you apply to your business and profession, your results go up, making you more money… Wouldn't that motivate you a little better?
In some cases, we can help you achieve results in a short amount of time. There are also times when it's a little more challenging and it will take a little more work and a little more time. Because of this and your uniqueness, we don't offer a "cookie-cutter" approach to our programs. Everything we do is fully customized for the individual or for the team or for the company.

We'll decide this together.